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At Mekenzen, we are your trusted partner for comprehensive MEP Systems Design and advanced Fire Safety Solutions. Our dedicated team specializes in providing innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs. Explore our range of services below:

MEP Systems Design (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection).

MEP Design Review.

Fire Safety Plans Examination.

Fire Safety Analysis and Fire Strategy.

Codes and Standards Compliance Verification.

Complete FLS Package Design.

AHJ Approval.

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Professional Mechanical, Electrical, plumbing and Fire Safety Design Solutions

We are independent consultant, specialized in MEP and Fire Safety fields. International Codes and Standards Specialists, ICC, NFPA, SBC, ASHRAE, etc…

We Service – Lebanon . Saudi Arabia . Kuwait . UAE . Qatar . Bahrain . Oman .

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Fire Safety

Mekenzen will be your partner in all design stages. starting from your concept design, schematic design, and till the final detailed design stage, by checking and verifying the codes compliance of your design, and includes:

Fire Safety Plans Examination

Safety is our priority. We conduct comprehensive Fire Safety Plans Examination, meticulously reviewing and enhancing plans to ensure your building is equipped to handle emergencies.

Fire Safety Analysis and Fire Strategy

Our experts perform in-depth Fire Safety Analysis and develop effective strategies to mitigate risks. From fire detection to evacuation plans, we prioritize safety at every stage.

Codes and Standards Compliance Verification

Mekenzen ensures your projects adhere to the latest industry Codes and Standards. Our verification process guarantees compliance, reducing risks and ensuring regulatory approval.

Complete FLS Package Design

Experience end-to-end support with our Complete FLS (Fire Life Safety) Package Design. We cover everything from system design to documentation, streamlining the approval process.

AHJ Approval

Navigating regulatory requirements can be complex. Let us handle it. Our team facilitates the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) Approval process, ensuring a smooth path to project clearance.

Our meticulous MEP Design Review services ensure that your plans align with industry best practices, codes, and standards. We offer a thorough assessment to optimize performance and reliability.

Mekenzen will check and Review your MEP Design drawings and related calculations. For (HVAC Systems, Electrical High current & Low current, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Systems). Based on the criteria and requirements of the international Codes and referenced Standards.

MEP Systems Design

Transforming visions into reality, our team excels in designing state-of-the-art MEP systems, covering Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection. From conceptualization to detailed design stage, we ensure your projects meet the highest standards of efficiency and compliance.

In reference to the verified architectural layout plans, Mekenzen perform complete MEP Systems Design in accordance with the applicable Codes and referenced Standards (NFPA, IBC, IFC, SBC, ETC…) including calculations and BOQ, for the following systems:

  • Mechanical HVAC Systems,
  • Electrical Systems HCU and LCU,
  • Plumbing System,
  • Fire Protection Systems,


Type of our Projects

Commercial Buildings (Offices, school, Hospital, Shopping Mall, etc…)

Residential Buildings (Villa, Apartments building, Hotel, etc…)

Industrial Buildings (Large scale warehouses, Storage, Factory, etc…)

High Rise Buildings.


Type of our Projects

Commercial Buildings (Offices, school, Hospital, Shopping Mall, etc…)

Residential Buildings (Villa, Apartments building, Hotel, etc…)

Industrial Buildings (Large scale warehouses, Storage, Factory, etc…)

High Rise Buildings.

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Why Choose Mekenzen?

Expertise: Our team of professionals brings years of experience in MEP design and fire safety solutions.

Innovation: We stay ahead of the curve, incorporating the latest technologies and design trends into every project.

Reliability: Mekenzen is committed to delivering projects on time, within budget, and in compliance with all regulations.

Transform your projects with Mekenzen — Where Precision Meets Innovation.

Why you should assign us to assist you in your project?

We provide you a full technical support as an independent consultant, specialized in the international codes and standards. Therefore, We can start together, from the concept design, schematic design or any design stage.

So, we provide full packages of MEP Design and Compliant Fire Safety plans.

Incase the project design was already made, Mekenzen will review and examine your plans, verify the codes compliance, and the provisions and Codes requirements of fire safety issues, as well as the issues related to the Buildings Codes, in order to easily get the approval by the AHJ or an authorized civil defense office, as per each jurisdiction.

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