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Plans Examination

We are your partner for success project, starting from your concept design, schematic design and till the final detailed design stage. By checking and verifying submitted plans (building plans, site plans, fire protection plans and other plans) and determining if meet the requirements of the various Codes and Standards that have been adopted by jurisdiction.

In addition, and based on the verified architectural plans, Mekenzen Provide a full design package of compliant fire safety plans, fire protection plans, calculations, report and fire safety strategies / AHJ Approval.

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Fire Safety Analysis

Mekenzen fire safety analysis will be based on submitted plans for life safety and fire issues and includes, but not limited to, interior finish, occupancy type, height and area limitations, construction type, occupant load for each individual area,  hazard of contents, egress requirements, (Exit, exit access and Exit Discharge), emergency and standby power, hazards to fire fighters, access to buildings and roofs, fire apparatus access road and general fire safety issues.

Moreover, Mekenzen research fire protection requirements for special construction, operations, and materials. And providing expert technical testimony on fire codes and standards. Mekenzen Identify the requirements for fire protection systems and permits (water supply for fire protection system, fire protection features, sprinklers, standpipes and alternate automatic fire extinguishing systems, fire alarm and detection system, portable extinguishers, smoke control systems,  openings protective, required fire resistance rating, etc…).

For hazardous materials, Mekenzen Verify the compliance of storage, use and handling of hazardous materials, control area, explosion control where required, and combustible storage.

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Furthermore, Mekenzen design your project MEP systems, based on buildings analysis, classifications, Client Requirements and International standards criteria. and we provide full package of MEP design and related Calculations as well as BOQ for each trade, mechanical, Electrical and plumbing systems.

Design Review

In addition to the above services, and in case your MEP systems design were already prepared by your designer. Mekenzen review and verify the provisions, codes compliance and the standards criteria of your MEP design an related calculations. And issue a detailed design review report for each system, showing the status of each drawing and detailed comments if any.

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In Its Missions, Mekenzen Check, Verify and Take Into Consideration all of the following, Where Applicable:

Egress Safety

For Egress safety, Mekenzen Check and Verify all of the following, where applicable:

Emergency and standby power is provided for systems egress and occupant safety, and are listed for the specified use.

Egress doors are provided where required, are of adequate size, swing, fire protection rating, and compliance of panic or fire exit hardware.

Stairs, ramps, and balconies comply with code requirements, including rise/run of steps, width, length, guards, rails, and landings.

Egress route complies with code requirements for width, clearances, maximum travel distance, fire protection, illumination, and signage.

Dead-end corridors comply with code requirements.

Building and its windows and roof are accessible for emergency access by the fire department.

Stairway access to the roof when required by code, with street-level signage.

Site plan specifies location of premise identification and, when required, fire-department key boxes.

Hazards to Fire Fighters

Posting of signage for hazardous materials is specified on the plans where required.

Protective barriers are specified where necessary for the safety of emergency personnel.

Building elements that may be hazardous to emergency personnel are identified.

Hazardous Materials

Concerning hazardous materials, Mekenzen check and verify all of the following, where applicable:

Compliance with code requirements for the prevention, control, and mitigation of dangerous conditions related to storage, dispensing, use, and handling of hazardous materials.

Material safety data sheets for hazardous materials, and the material classification hazard.

Correct classification of hazardous materials and maximum allowable quantity.

Control areas where required, to be specified, designed and constructed in accordance with the code.

Occupancies with special hazards, such as hazardous production material (HPM), semiconductor fabrication, dry cleaning, and woodworking, in order to comply with specific code requirements for these hazards.

Explosion control where required.

Storage, use, and handling of flammable and combustible liquids and gases which to be specified, and complies with special code requirements.

General fire protection and safety requirements for combustible storage.

Fire Protection

For fire protection, Mekenzen check and verify all of the following, where applicable:

Water supplying fire protection systems is sufficient for designed fire flow, with control and monitoring equipment as required by code.

Fire hydrants are located and sized as required.

Compliance of fire department inlet and hose connections.

Sprinklers, standpipes, and alternate automatic fire extinguishing systems which to be specified where required; and designed by qualified persons to the appropriate standard; and designed and listed for the specified class of service; and are listed for their specified use. In addition, the compliance of construction and equipment specifications for layout, installation, operation, and monitoring.

Fire alarm and detection systems are specified where required, are designed by qualified persons to the appropriate standard, are designed for the specified class of service, and are listed for their specified use. Also, the compliance of construction and equipment specifications for layout, installation, operation, and monitoring.

Compliance of size, class, and location of portable extinguishers.

Mechanical and passive smoke control systems are specified where required and are designed by qualified persons to the appropriate standards.


For the occupancy , Mekenzen check, verify and take into consideration all of the following, where applicable:

Occupancy type of the building.

Specified type of construction of the building.

Occupant load for individual rooms and areas.

Code compliance for the protection against hazards of specific occupancies and use.

Special fire protection features, such as fire-resistive materials and surface treatments, and clearance of combustibles surrounding the building are specified where required.